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Demo Session #3: P2P Streaming

1,2 Check Check. Let's explore the combination between P2P and audio streaming with Sher. GEUT's first solo project became an audio streaming platform that lives right on your browser. No install required. No messy setups. Multiple remote streamers all in one place. Continue reading to see Sher in action.

In this demo session, Diego, one of Sher co-founders introduces us to the platform, how to create your first show and start streaming in a couple of clicks. No install required.

It also covers some of the challenges they faced trying to balance a the user experience of a non-technical user with the complexity that arises in any P2P project. The team always had this in mind, they were creating a P2P platform for general users (creators and their fans).

They also directed the platform to the LATAM market first. Since most of they was based in Argentina 🇦🇷 this was almost a natural decision. They were talking with local creators and their fans-base.

All these things made from Sher a quite unique development experience and product.

sher logo and dat robot

Main takeaways

  • 00:37 Platform Intro (sher.app)
  • 01:07 My Shows and "the browser is the user" (private key)
  • 2:11 Streamer View / Edit your show
  • 3:36 Sher basic economy
  • 4:10 Publish your show and have a friendly name on sher.app
  • 4:59 Streaming options (ie: add other sources)
  • 5:33 Go live and share your show link
  • 6:18 Basic stats & help with creators anxiety
  • 7:28 Invite a friend and stream together
  • 8:18 Interact with your audience

Discover Sher with Diego ▶️

ℹ️ Project Status
Sher is currently paused. The platform is usable, anyone can create new shows and start streaming right from their browser. But the team is back to consultancy, so we have the focus on other paid projects at the moment. Hopefully, one day soon we can come back to the platform and improve the life of creators and their audiences.

🎥 AMA Session with Diego. We'll host an AMA session with Sher co-founder on Thursday 28th, 6PM GMT+1 on Dat Ecosystem Discord. Join today.

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