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Demo Session #4: Explore the distributed web

Let's unveil the browser for the P2P era with Agregore. With a minimal API surface approach and extentions-oriented, aggregore offers a solid approach to surf the distributed web and create local first apps & sites. Agregore supports hyper, ipfs and bittorent. Don't miss the demo to see how easy you can start creating local-first content.

A new demo session appeared! This time is all about the distributed web. Mauve, a prolific P2P developer will introduce us to creating local-first apps using Agregore browser. This new browser has a small but super capable and flexible API that makes it easy to create local-first content and even apps.

With agregore you can navigate to hyper:// and ipfs:// like any other site on the regular web. Every site you visit is locally saved and reshared. This offers 2 direct benefits:

  • Content resiliency, every site is a local-first site.
  • Populates the distributed web.

In the demo, Mauve also mentions that agregore is compatible with other publishing tools like Distributed Press.

Outside of loading data, agregore offers a way to author data using its own P2P-compatible version of fetch API. Mauve made something really interesting extending the fetch API functionality. This way we can use a regular POST method to create new content, like a new site, right from the browser 🆒.

Their docs are a great entry place to learn more about agregore internals and the fetch API.

agregore logo with dat robot

Main takeaways

  • 00:30 Agregore Intro / Main Interface
  • 01:10 Agregore can Surf the Distributed Web
  • 02:02 Local-first Navigation & Resharing
  • 02:46 Using Distributed Press as a Publishing Tool
  • 03:46 Interact with the Distributed Web with the P2P Fetch API
  • 04:47 Creating a new P2P Website
  • 08:46 Agregore Extensions and Web Archiving

Discover Agregore with Mauve ▶️

ℹ️ Project Status
Agregore is under active development. The project counts with 16 contributors and last release was made last month (~August). Check out the Agregore Org on GitHub (https://github.com/AgregoreWeb) to see the latest & related projects.

🎥 AMA Session with Mauve. We'll host an AMA session with Mauve on Thursday 5th, 6PM GMT+1 on Dat Ecosystem Discord. RSVP now.

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Hasta la próxima! 👋