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Demo Session #5: Cabal, the P2P Chat Platform

One of the most fundamental human needs is to communicate. It allows us to organize and lever up communities. In the internet era, chat apps have become a commodity. These kind of apps, are so important to us. We use them daily without even noticing. Most of the time, we are using centralized chat. These apps have become one of the main data collection points, real privacy is never a priority. Cabal, offers an alternative take. Built upon the hyper-stack and with an offline-first approach --no servers needed. It becomes a very interesting community-based option.

Cool! A new demo session arrived. This time Alex breaks down cabal-cli. With an IRC-like aspect, cabal-cli allows us to connect and chat with other friends directly.

Whilst, Cabal can be tagged as an experimental chat platform, we can not ignore the fact that has been battle-tested since day 1 (around 2018).

With Cabal you can list, create, archive and join channels. You can also create topics and you can even moderate them by sharing a cabal link with an special admin key. This way we are sharing a filtered/protected view of a cabal (eg: filtering out bad actors).
These are powerful features for a P2P communication platform and a sign that indicates how the Cabal Community cares about building a safe and secure place.

In the demo, Alex guides us through the different commands that you can use on Cabal to have a rich communication experience.

cabal logo with dat robot

Main takeaways

  • 00:43 Cabal CLI Intro
  • 02:12 Name Yourself
  • 02:44 The Cabal Key 🔑
  • 03:17 The Admin Portion 🔑
  • 06:20 Offline-first Capabilities / Sync History from other peers
  • 09:30 Moderators and Admins / Layers of Trust

Discover Cabal with Alex ▶️

ℹ️ Project Status
Cabal is an ongoing effort since 2018. Is under active development. One of the most exciting news is this new protocol they are working on called cable which is custom-made for cabal's needs. Learn more here. The new protocol is still in its early days. Some community members have made exploratory implementations in erlang and elixir, there are also terminal chat clients in rust and in nodejs. See more here.

🎥 AMA Session with Alex. We'll host an AMA session with Alex on Thursday 26th, 6PM GMT+1 on Jitsi. RSVP now.

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