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Demo Session #6: P2P Content Publishing

Unleash your creativity process with Dcent Reads. The goal is to connect readers directly with writers while empowering writers with a platform that allows them to publish for free with a focus on removing any barrier in the middle.

Let's welcome Hans! The main author behind the project. On this session, Hans will introduce us to Dcent Reads (previously known as HyperPubee), a platform to allows writers to publish for free and to have a place to connect directly with readers.
The platform works using the hyperswarm network and it can be used (partially) on the web and desktop (full experience).

One of its main features is that authors can easilly embed (and reference) other works. The project is at an early stage and the focus is on the internals at this moment, looking for a solid experience: creating content, embedding and publishing. There is some work left on improving the user experience, though.

In this demo session, Hans will guide us through the creation process, how to embed content and publish it. It also covers the idea of allowing different media in the future, like music (Dcent Beats!?). If you like to know more about the principles behind Dcent Reads, check this.

dcent reads logo (DR) with dat robot

Main takeaways

  • 00:38 Dcent Reads Intro (readers)
  • 02:46 Embedding Content
  • 05:26 Creating Content (writers)
  • 06:20 Publishing Content
  • 07:39 Creating Embeddings / UI Challenges

Discover Dcent Reads with Hans ▶️

ℹ️ Project Status
Dcent Reads (previously known as HyperPubee) is an early state project. The stack is hyperbee for the "backend", the network is hyperswarm and the app is mostly vue + quasar + electron (web & desktop). These days, Hans is working on a proper re-release.

Demo Links: #

Hasta la próxima! 👋

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This demo session was conducted as part of the Code for Science & society grant, awarded to enhance interoperability between the various projects within the Dat ecosystem.

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