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Demo Session #7: Tribal P2P

Āhau proposes a different take on social apps for many reasons. First of all, it's P2P social. Secondly and most interesting its the direction the app made, focusing on helping tribes maintain their cultural heritage. Its a great example of combining state-of-art tech with a clear social purpose. Continue reading to learn more.

Let's welcome Mix! Mix is part of the team behind Āhau. The startup, has its roots in New Zealand, focusing on helping local communities keep their identities and cultural narratives alive with the help of some P2P tools.

Āhau is essentially an offline-first data platform. It encourages users to ran their local data servers called Pātaka (useful for data-sync) and it also provides a desktop app, to create and organize tribal cultural info, this is Āhau.
The team was aware about the lack of a permanent internet connection for some members. Everyting is editable without requiring an internet connection. When a member is able to connect to their local tribe network, they can sync and update their data.

In this demo, Mix will be touring us through some different aspects of Āhau desktop client, like managing different tribes and the family graph feature. With it, a family member can not only discover and edit its own family tree, but also can add metadata as stories.
A story is a collection of media, other family members and text. This way, families and tribes have a way to collect and organize their own cultural & family narratives.

Mix also mentions some of the onboarding process for a new member. There are two main options at this point. A new member can start their own tribe or can join an existing one, asking for permission to guardian member. Once you are part of a tribe, you can start the syncing process and get all the info about that tribe.

Āhau logo with dat ecosystem robot

Main takeaways

  • 00:53 Āhau Desktop Intro
  • 02:00 Family Tree Feature
  • 03:02 Family Stories
  • 05:05 Onboarding Process
  • 06:19 Joining a New Tribe
  • 07:40 Start your Own Tribe
  • 11:31 The P2P Side of Āhau

Discover Āhau with Mix ▶️

ℹ️ Project Status
Āhau is built on top of scuttlebutt. Learn more about Āhau and Pātaka, the data sync server, here.

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