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Demo Session #8: P2P video & text chat

Keet takes a new approach by creating a chat app which ensures that your calls are secured with end-to-end encryption, sharing data exclusively among participants. With no intermediaries, third-parties, or servers in the mix. Keet's video calls thrive on direct connections between you and other peers, bypassing servers that could impede your performance—bringing about a noticeable enhancement in your communication experience.

Let's welcome Mathias! Mathias is a founder and a core developer behind Keet. He is known for his contributions to the Node.js and JavaScript communities and has been actively involved in the development of peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies, particularly within the context of the Dat.

His project Keet is a p2p video & text chat. It only shares end-to-end encrypted data between the participants in every call. Without middlemen, third-parties, or servers, there’s nobody left who can snoop on calls, leak or collect data.
Keet video calls operate over direct connections between users, without using servers that can throttle your performance. You'll notice the difference immediately.

The demo Mathias shared with us illustrates the straightforward process of getting started with Keet. Users can install the application, join or create chat rooms, and seamlessly engage in secure conversations without the need for extensive setup or registration. The absence of a centralized server ensures a direct and private connection between participants. Overall, Keet presents a promising solution for individuals seeking a straightforward and secure communication platform, embracing the principles of peer-to-peer connectivity.

Recorded a few months ago, the demo precedes the release of several new features by Keet. It's highly recommended to download the latest version to explore these enhancements.

Additionally, Mathias mentions an upcoming Holepunch runtime, planned for launch in February, promising exciting opportunities for developers to create apps similar to Keet.

Keet logo with dat ecosystem robot

Main takeaways

  • 00:29 The process of installing and joining rooms in Keet is simple
  • 01:05 Set your profile with your name and information
  • 01:27 Adding and sharing files using Keet
  • 02:20 Starting a call and configuring it for notifications

Discover Keet with Mathias ▶️

ℹ️ Project Status
Keet is built on top of a Holepunch runtime. Learn more about the stack here and start building peer-to-peer apps yourself.

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