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Demo Session #2: Decentralized Data Science

Would you like to be in control of your own data? To track your own bio stats? We are constantly producing all these metrics and now we can be in control or at least that’s what HOP, short for Health Oracle Protocol is for.
Hop Project empowers bio-data ownership, control & agency. All of this on top of a P2P distribution model. Learn more on this new demo session.

His author, James Littlejhon, firts introduces us to the BentoBox DS, a graphical toolkit used to consume the HOP protocol.
BentoBox has some key concepts, such as spaces and boards. Spaces can be used to organize all your different data units using a simple drag and drop interface. Boards, instead represent a single container that holds some particular data unit.

In the demo session you will see three different wearable devices sending data to a bento space. James will also show how to filter the metrics and even apply some queries.

One of the plans James has for the future is the addition of an AI assistant (called BeeBee). The assistant could help us create better queries that extract the most from our data using plain english.

Finally, all these spaces and boards can be shared with other peers using the hypercore protocol.

hop logo and dat robot

Main takeaways

  • 00:20 BentoBox-DS Intro
  • 00:50 BentoBox Boards and Spaces
  • 4:25 BeeBee Assistant (conversational interface)
  • 6:58 Public Boards (shared with peers)

Discover BentoBox DS and Hop with James ▶️

ℹ️ Project status
BentoBox is going through a layout redesign these days. James is looking for feedback on this aspect. BentoBox has a new codebase (it has been rewritten using Vue3) and now includes support for desktop and mobile devices. BeeBee assistant has a more important role now, where every new query/chart start as a chat with the assistant. Learn more here.

🎥 AMA Session with James. We'll host an AMA session with HOP creator on Thursday 14th, 6PM GMT+1 on Dat Ecosystem Discord. Join today.

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