Join us in London on Oct 24th to reconsider the web at Whyspace

Join Dat project and friends from design, art, science, activism, and more to talk about the future of the web. This event is hosted by MozFest House and will feature talks by Olly Bromham, Mozilla Open Web Fellow Darius Kazemi, designer and developer Gina Giampaolo from Rumors, Jon-Kyle Mohr and a participatory workshop.

We will look at a brief history of zones within urbanization, such as town squares and public parks, as means of questioning the possibility for future network space free of attention economics and surveillance capitalism.

Generate your own understanding by participating in a group workshop, where tactile experimentation in form and design will lead us into utilizing simple tools available today for publishing over a peer-to-peer network. We will create a welcoming space to consider the long-view of today's technology as it will fit within the increasingly hybrid environments of tomorrow. Are you curious about the future of human interaction online? Do you want to scrap today's web and start again? What aspects of the web work for your community and what aspects feel toxic?

All are welcome - bring your interest in talking about the future of the web and some friendly vibes for the workshop!

Schedule #

Date Wednesday Oct 24th
Time 3pm-5pm
Location London, UK @ MozFest House auditorium
Link https://wwhhyy.space or on Beaker @ dat://wwhhyy.space
RSVP https://ti.to/Mozilla/mozfesthouse-whyspace/en
Time Activity Person
3:00 WhySpace Welcome and Intro Danielle Robinson, Code for Science & Society
3:05 Artist talk 1 Olly Bromham
3:10 Artist talk 2 Darius Kazemi, Mozilla Open Web Fellow @ Dat Project
3:15 Artist talk 3 Gina Giampaolo, Rumors
3:20 Public Space Online Jon-Kyle Mohr
3:35 Workshop Everyone!
4:45 Show and Tell
5:00 End

photo courtesy of Jon-Kyle Mohr