Happy 2019! Dat Receives Two New Grants for $170k

Dat Project ended 2018 with a bang, receiving two grants before year's end! Dat received $100k from Handshake and $70k from Samsung NEXT Stack Zero.

Both of these grants support Dat Project generally, which is very welcome for the community. We've identified, with the help of our community, these priorities for these grants:

  • Samsung NEXT Grant - Ship multiwriter for hyperdrive and the dat CLI. You can read the full proposal in our grant application and watch more in our planning document.
  • Handshake - Supports bug-fixing on the CLI tool, documentation, and micro-grants for community events.

We're excited to pair this support with our continued work on documentation through our Mozilla Open Source Support grant. As always, we aim to be transparent about how we received and use these funds. You can view the applications and keep updated on our Github repository.