Recently @ Dat Project

Recently, we launched a new Dat Project website to highlight the Dat community and encourage users to build on Dat. In the short time since then, folks in the Dat community have produced inspiring contributions and exciting applications. Today, we are featuring a three-year-old bug fix and a new decentralized social network!

The feature image is the fire tower Max is working at this week!

Dat on Windows - A Three Year Adventure #

This community contribution is very exciting. We've had an open issue for Windows integration for over three years. Thank you so much to goldbuick for the awesome contribution and persistence to solve this Windows bug!

Full Windows support is now available immediately on the dat command line tool. We'll be adding Windows over time to our Desktop application. This also means other applications, such as the Beaker Browser, can start adding Windows support as well.

Rotonde - A p2p Social Network #

Rotonde is a decentralized social network running via Dat. Rotonde offers a user-driven social network by leveraging Dat's core principles of user-data ownership, decentralization, and built-in security. It has been fantastic to see the growth and excitement about Rotonde. Check out this tutorial to get started with Rotonde. A few special properties of Rotonde:

  • You can view change history for all Rotonde feeds — including edited posts — because of Dat's built in version control.
  • Anyone can customize the look and feel of their personal Rotonde client. We've had some people new to coding that jumped in to personalize their feed, this made us so so excited!
  • The Rotonde client is auto-updating and distributed via Dat.


Currently, Rotonde runs on the Beaker Browser. However, because it is platform agnostic and users control their data, anyone can create their own Rotonde clients.

Huge props also to the Beaker Browser team, Paul and Tara, for being super responsive and fixing some Rotonde-related bugs in Beaker!

Try Dat - A Dat Browser Tutorial #

Try Dat is an in-browser tutorial for using the Dat command line tool. We are using Try Dat for our Dat in the Lab project. Thanks to the participants at our two workshops for being beta testers. Now that we've got most of the bugs fixed, you can Try Dat yourself!


Other Developments #

A few other exciting things are coming from Dat's innovation expert, @mafintosh:

  • hyperdb: A distributed key/value database with support for multiple writers. Hyperdb is the first step to making it possible for multiple people to share and write to a single Dat!
  • dat-container: A live booting container runtime on top of dat and systemd-nspawn.

Come Talk to Us #

We'll be at some conferences in the coming weeks. Come say hi!

NodeConf Argentina #

MozFest #

Lots of Dat-friendly folks will be at MozFest! Hope to see you there:

Stencila Community Tour #

Stencila, a partner project with Code for Science & Society, is building software for reproducible research. Nokome and Danielle will be at lots of events this fall, check them out!

Thanks! #

That's all the updates for now. Thanks to everyone in the community! Until next time, follow us on Twitter for more updates. We hope to see you at NodeConf, MozFest, or on the webs!