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Meet Mauve and their Agregore Browser

Greetings fellow space travelers and superheroes, hold on to your keyboards because we have a remarkable founder to introduce you to! Mauve, a volunteer in the Dat-ecosystem, has risen through the ranks and founded their own project called Agregore.

In this exclusive interview with Kayla, Mauve talks about their innovative web browser that integrates peer-to-peer protocols for local-first web apps. Agregore is not just any ordinary browser, it's a beacon of hope for off-grid communities and web programmers looking for a sustainable and secure alternative to traditional corporate browsers.
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Agregore uses the powerful hypercore protocol to provide a community-oriented and decentralized approach to browsing. The project is mostly funded through grants and consulting work, showcasing their dedication to sustainability.

Agregore is just the beginning of Mauve's holistic approach to local-first software. They believe that technology should be utilized to address social issues and material needs. With Agregore leading the charge, we can promote sustainability and resilience in the digital world.

Hold on tight as we embark on this journey with Mauve and the Dat-ecosystem. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews and updates from our community.

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Interview Summary #

00:00 Agregore is a web browser that integrates peer-to-peer protocols for local first web apps.

01:48 Agregore is a replacement for corporate web

03:19 Agregore uses the hypercore protocol

04:50 Agregore is mostly funded through grant funding and consulting work

06:17 Deploying mesh network with Agregore and Nimble technologies

07:47 Agregore project uses Matrix/Discord for live chat and GitHub issue tracking for new features and bug fixes

09:11 Agregore is a browser that is part of a larger holistic approach to local first software.

10:38 Technology should be used to address social issues and material needs.

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