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Join the Cabal Expedition with Alexander Cobleigh

Greetings, wanderers and curious minds! We have a treat for you today that will transport you to the outer reaches of the digital communication. Meet Cabal, the peer-to-peer chat platform that will redefine how we connect and collaborate across the universe.

Cabal is not just another open-source chat application. It's an interstellar cooperative, where every member plays a vital role in a lean and harmonious community. Say goodbye to servers and logins! Cabal effortlessly brings together like-minded explorers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and adventure.
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By harnessing the power of append-only log and DHT technologies, Cabal brings you a peer-to-peer group chat experience that's truly out of this world. No longer bound by the limitations of traditional servers, Cabal allows you to connect with fellow explorers, collaborators, and like-minded enthusiasts, even in the face of cosmic internet disruptions. Prepare to be amazed, for Cabal's resilience shines through, even during the darkest hours of an internet outage.

But wait, there's more! Cabal's intriguing design doesn't stop at revolutionizing group communication. In the depths of its core lies a unique subjective moderation system, shaping Cabal into a private chat group like no other.

Explore Cabal with Alexander Cobleigh and uncover a universe where diverse perspectives flourish and communities bloom!

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Interview Summary #

00:01 Cabal is a peer-to-peer open source group chat application and protocol.

02:05 Cabal is a peer-to-peer workspace with open-source code

04:12 Cabal uses hypercore and hyperswarm to create a group chat

06:17 Open Collective funding used for Rust implementation of new Cabal protocol

08:19 Developing a new protocol specification and node.js implementation for Cabal

10:18 Join the public cabal to test things out and get in touch with developers.

12:12 Cabal is a community project for peer-to-peer communication

14:04 Cabal has a unique subjective moderation system

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