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From Hypercore to Keet, Mathias Buus on the Future of Peer-to-Peer Communication

Greetings, interstellar explorers and seekers of cutting-edge knowledge! Prepare your babel fish and fasten your hyperspace belts as we embark on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos of peer-to-peer technology with the renowned Mathias Buus, core maintainer of the Hypercore protocol and Co-Founder of Holepunch.

But first, let us delve into the awe-inspiring realm of Keet — a fully peer-to-peer distributed chat and communications app that has captured the hearts of countless users across the galaxy. Keet enables seamless chatting, calling, and file sharing among friends, co-workers, and families, all while operating on a decentralized network without the need for centralized servers. With its state-of-the-art encryption, Keet ensures complete privacy, safeguarding your intergalactic conversations from prying eyes. Available on various platforms, including macOS, Windows, and mobile devices, Keet combines convenience and security like never before.

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The beauty of Keet lies not only in its exceptional functionality but also in its intuitive user experience. Despite its highly technical foundation, users praise Keet for its ease of use and non-intimidating interface. It's a testament to the genius of Mathias Buus and his team, who have seamlessly woven complex technology into a user-friendly tapestry. This remarkable fusion is what excites and captivates Keet's ever-growing user base.

Keet owes its remarkable capabilities to the Hypercore stack, the backbone that powers this celestial chat app. Built on Hypercore, Keet leverages this robust technology for chat, collaboration, data storage, and connectivity. Every element of Keet's infrastructure, from its data structures to its connectivity, is meticulously crafted with Hypercore, continuously pushing the limits and advancing the stack. Notably, Mathias Buus emphasizes the importance of open-source contributions, with over 95% of Keet's keys being open sourced and constantly welcoming new developments.

So, fellow seekers of knowledge and pioneers of the unknown, strap on your jetpacks and prepare to be enlightened. Mathias Buus and the Holepunch team are ready to guide us through the vast expanse of peer-to-peer technology, where privacy, innovation, and community converge. Let us embrace this remarkable era and forge a future where the stars themselves become our network.

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Interview Summary #

Keet is a peer-to-peer distributed chat and communications app where you can chat, make calls, and share files with privacy.

00:00 Keet is a fully peer-to-peer distributed chat and communications app.

01:21 Users find the UX intuitive and not overly technical.

02:33 Keet is built on the Hypercore stack and continually improved

03:45 Most of Keet is open source and will always be

04:53 We are releasing a new version with big rooms and enabling blind mirroring.

05:50 Hypercore is working on fully encrypted online services and unlocking everyday usage for people without technical barriers.

06:54 Join our active Discord community for opportunities and peer-to-peer discussions.

08:00 Try the innovative peer-to-peer chat feature and provide feedback

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