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The Decentralized Streaming Adventure with Sher!

Hola, creative wanderers! Hold on tight to your hyperspace belts as we take you on a mind-bending journey through the cosmos of Sher, the decentralized streaming platform that's turning the entertainment galaxy on its head. We had the pleasure of interviewing Diego from Geut Studio, one of the brilliant minds behind this project!

Imagine a peer-to-peer streaming platform where content creators and streamers unite their forces to unleash their magic upon the universe. Powered by P2P technology, Sher not only delivers a resilient streaming experience but does so at minimal costs, making it a true beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving cosmos of entertainment.
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But that's not all, fellow cosmic travelers! Sher goes beyond the realms of streaming and ventures into uncharted territories. It serves as a haven for podcasters seeking to share their mesmerizing tales and, of course, monetize their celestial creations. With Sher, podcasters can break free from the shackles of traditional platforms and explore the vast frontiers of independence and profitability.

At the heart of Sher lies the spirit of community building. Diego emphasized the importance of creators and streamers coming together, forming constellations of support and collaboration.

So there you have it, the guiding star of decentralized streaming, illuminating the universe with boundless creativity and endless possibilities! 🌌✨

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Interview Summary #

Sher is a decentralized streaming platform for content creators and streamers. It's self funded and it is currently a bootstrap startup.

00:01 Sher is a streaming platform for content creators and streamers using P2P technology.

02:53 A resilient peer-to-peer streaming platform with minimal costs.

05:35 Sher is a platform for podcasters and creators to stream and monetize their content

08:07 Sher as a tool for community building

10:45 Sher is using hypercore protocol in combination with WebRTC.

13:23 Rebranding and communication focus in short term. Subscription model per creator planned in medium-long term.

15:52 Creating a community of creators and streamers to help each other

18:11 Sher is a platform for sharing information and entertainment

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