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Moore Foundation supports new collaboration with California Digital Library (and a new team member!)

We are excited to announce a new project called Dat in the Lab. The project is a collaboration between the us and the California Digital Library (CDL) with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Through this project, we are also happy to welcome Danielle Robinson to the Code for Science & Society team as our Scientific and Partnerships Director. Dat in the Lab will pilot integrating Dat into existing research data management workflows. This $180k grant will support us as we pilot Dat for research data management in close collaboration with two University of California research groups and with the expert support of CDL. We will work with these researchers to develop workflows to manage, sync, version, and publish datasets.

Dat enables effective research data management through continuous data versioning, verified storage, and efficient distribution - but there are not existing research management tools that integrate with Dat. CDL is a University of California (UC) library that works across the UC system to provide research data and preservation services. CDL develops innovative solutions with a goal of open source sharing to the wider academic community. Their projects include the DMPTool for data management planning and the Dash data publication platform. We are excited to work directly with researchers, CDL, and developers to create Dat-based data management solutions built for real world data collection and management contexts.

This project supports a new position to provide extra support to the Dat team through Code for Science & Society. Danielle Robinson is joining Code for Science as Scientific and Partnerships Director. She has a PhD in Neuroscience from Oregon Health and Science University, long experience as a scientist "at the bench", was a 2016 Mozilla Fellow for Science, and is experienced in supporting communities that develop open scholarship and open source projects. She'll be working with the Dat team on this project to help understand the needs of the researchers and develop Dat-based data management workflows that can be widely adopted by research groups in other fields.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on the project. You can also bookmark Dat in the Lab on GitHub, which will hold code, curriculum, and other work from the project. Follow along as the project evolves on our roadmap, chat with us, and follow us on Twitter.