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Dat Community Ecosystem Conference 2020

TL;DR: We have an online conference this year: register here!

July 30th and 31st will be the dates for the first Dat conference, given public circumstances the event will be online. Whilst we will miss the chance to see each others faces, we think this will open up numerous opportunities for others to come by and have a full look at what has been cooking in the Dat Universe recently. Don’t miss the opportunity! 🎉

Idea & Motivation #

The idea of having a Full Dat related event has been in the air for quite some time. It was early this year, in one of the Dat Consortium meetings that we actually decided to move forward with it, creating a WG to get the ball rolling. Our first goal was towards having an in person event, we were thinking about different locations, somewhere in Europe was one of the strongest options at that point. As you must know, early 2020 has nothing to do with what actually happened later. A global pandemic situation has forced us to change lots of our expectations. So, we have had to adapt and shift towards an online event. But not just any other event.

We strongly believe in our community, we know that we tend to work a bit disconnected from each other and that makes it a bit difficult to find this hidden gems, that are well just there but need some help connecting to rest. If we wanted to add some geography analogy, we can say that the Dat ecosystem is like an archipel.

Knowing this, we delineate two main goals: Do everything in our reach to create the event, create the place, that others, that our ecosystem can occupy and make use of.
And prepare to be interactive. Not only open a CfP just for presentations, but encourage other to present in the format they want. As interactive as we can. You will see that near 50% of our schedule are workshops and open discussions. This is all about peers in the end, isn’t it?

What to Expect? #

As we mentioned before, the event will be split in two fully packed days, we have almost 20 presentations, divided between, talks, workshops and facilitated discussions. We expect to cover a broad range of topics, from the state of hyper, passing to what is the Dat Universe, showcasing many of the newest and shiniest projects in the Dat Ecosystem and even touching future topics like hypercore protocol in rust.

The Format #

To facilitate collaboration we chose Big Blue Button (BBB) as a meeting platform. It allows for shared documents, Q&A and gives other controls to the presenter which should be great for the workshops in particular. After signing-up for the conference you will receive a link to join us. For each event the presenters have the option to record it, which we will announce at the beginning of each event. The recorded events will be shared through an online stream on our website.

All the Details #

Enough said, show me the details!

📅 Dates: July 30 & 31
🌐 Timezones: The event will be spread through the days, they will start early in the morning (in EU timezones).
Use our calendar links to avoid any pain with converting timezones manually.
➤ Event site: https://events.dat.foundation/2020/
🎟 Register: https://events.dat.foundation/2020/register/
🗣 Agenda: https://events.dat.foundation/2020/schedule/
👥 Event WG: Diego, Franz, Santiago & Martin

That’s all for now, stay tuned to our networks for more updates closer to the event. We hope to see you all there, goodbye! 👋