Apply to work with us as a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow!

We are thrilled for Code for Science & Society to be a host organization for the 2018 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship. Our Open Web Fellow will work on using Dat and peer-to-peer technologies for cultivating a healthier internet for the public good.

What does this mean? You can apply to work with us, or one of the other great host organizations, for 10 months starting in September 2018! You'll get paid! And health insurance and childcare supplements! You'll go to MozFest! You'll meet so many people that your world will expand.

At Code for Science & Society (CSS) and the Dat Project, we believe that community-driven, decentralized technologies are the future of the web. Today, the rise of centralized services threatens freedom and privacy. Decentralized, open alternatives exist, but are not yet widely adopted. Dat is an open source peer-to-peer protocol. It’s the basis of peer-to-peer browsers (Beaker Browser), social networks, and data sharing tools. Backed by CSS, Dat takes a user-centered approach to developing projects. Hackers, activists, and champions of the open web have been drawn to the Dat community where they are creating a new ecosystem of peer-to-peer applications.

Key details #

Application link: https://foundation.mozilla.org/fellowships/apply/

Application dates: The fellowship application opens today(!) and closes on April 20th (Friday at 5pm ET).

What are we looking for in a fellow? We are looking for someone who will make an impact on the peer-to-peer web over 10 months. We are a small, flexible organization and we are looking for a good fit. The fellow has the opportunity to select a focus area of their choice related to our work.

Does the fellow have to work with Dat? The Dat Project is our flagship sponsored project, and much of our community and resources center around it. We are looking for a fellow who will make use of our existing strengths, which will probably involve working with Dat in some way. You do not need to be an experienced Dat user or developer to be a good fit for this fellowship.

Location, citizenship: A fellow can be based anywhere and will work remotely! Danielle and Joe, will mentor the fellow. We are both located in Portland, OR, USA. The Dat team is distributed across the world. If you want to come work with us in Portland for some (or all) of your fellowship, that works too! Just be aware that we don't have an office, we work out of our homes and coffee shops. The coffee is good here!

Application logistics: There are a few different fellowship options, select "Open Web" to apply to work with us.

Questions?: Reach out to us (hi@codeforscience.org, @codeforsociety) or contact Mozilla (fellowships@mozilla.org) with any questions. Also keep an eye out for the Mozilla AMAs on the application.