Quarterly Community Call March 1

Save the date for the first ever Code for Science & Society Community call!
Join us March 1, 2018: 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 8pm Berlin / March 2 8am NZ!

Featuring updates from the Dat project, Stencila, and ScienceFair. As well as speakers from the community. Karissa McKelvey will talk about Digital Democracy's Mapeo is an offline-first peer-to-peer desktop app for Open Street Map. It uses underlying pieces of Dat for it's data and replication models! Peter van Hardenberg will talk about modeling merge conflicts with a pixel art editor. Team Beaker Browser will update us on their work.

Our agenda is evolving here: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/CodeforScienceandSociety-Community-Call-2018-03-01

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Our goal with the community call is to add one more place for the people to connect with our community of projects and people. We will feature CSS sponsored projects and speakers from the community talking about their work. It's a chance to bring the global community together to interact between conferences and meetups. It'll be fun.

We are still confirming the logistics, but the call will be streamed! We will update this post with information on how to tune in.

Do you want to speak on a future call? Are you doing something in the public interest technology space? Approaching a technical problem? Or did you make some weird/fun art we should check out? Want to share with our community? Email Danielle and Joe hi@codeforscience.org!